Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shop Talk with 2nd Crop Sisters

 I wanted to do a regular series on my blog, something unique that hasn't been done before. I came up with an idea to feature small shops, that are located throughout the country. So, every Friday you can stop by and check out a new shop, and at the same time meet the owner. Some weeks, I will be sharing some wonderful vendors that set up at vintage style shows. I am hoping that this series will introduce you to some shops and shows, that you might not already know about, and better yet, they might be in driving distance for you, wouldn't that be nice? This week it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Rhonda and Rebecca @2nd Crop Sisters. Rhonda was the first blog friend that I have had the pleasure to meet in person. After our first get together, I knew right away, that the two of us have a lot in common. We both will make a fast stop, when we spot an awesome curbside treasure. Hitting a great garage or estate sale is a frill for us...something some people just don't get...but we do. Also, we both have two daughters (they are about the same age too) and we both LOVE the AUBURN TIGERS!!!! When Rhonda told me that her and Rebecca will be joining me as vendors at the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show, I was super excited and I can't wait to meet Rebecca in October. So, grab something to sip on and let's do some shopping at 2nd Crop Sisters.

My name is Rhonda Spiers and my sister and business partner is Rebecca Street.  Three years ago we created 2nd Crop Sisters, a little shop located  inside The Shoppes at Emma Kate's Cottage in Attalla, AL. We call ourselves 2nd Crop Sisters because our parents thought their family was complete with four children. years later, the stork dropped Rebecca; ten years later, I fell off the cabbage truck! So our daddy always referred to us as their second crop.

From our very creative mama, we learned to sew and to appreciate fine fabrics, fine needle craft, and the satisfaction of producing lovely things.  Today our work reflects the aesthetics she instilled.

We both shop from our hearts, choosing only those things that we would proudly display in our own homes.  We appreciate styles that range from the refined to the primitive.

While we both love high end silks and linens, we also adore grain sacks and ticking.  Formal antiques causes our hearts to race, but an old pine chest stops us in our tracks.

I live two hours from 2nd Crop Sisters but Rebecca lives five minutes away. She has a real knack for styling, shuffling, and stacking our booth. I credit her with keeping the place fluffed and beautiful. 

Please enjoy the tour

2nd Crop Sisters







Painted Furniture



 Some of our handmade creations


Rebecca's Upcycled Tops


You can also find  2nd Crop Sisters on facebook.
Visit me on my blog,  Blue Creek Home.
AND..We are going to be at City Farmhouse Pop Up Tent Show in Franklin, TN  Oct. 17 and 18
We would love to meet ya'll there!
Thanks again, Linda.


Rhonda said...

Thank you for such a warm introduction. I feel exactly the same way. I wish we lived closer so we could play more often.
Have a great weekend

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Your shop is full of the most beautiful treasures. I wish I lived close enough to shop.

The Vintage Chateau said...

What a delightful looking shop! and this is a great idea for a series, I look forward to seeing lots of fun new places to explore!

chateau chic said...

Rhonda and her sister have such a lovely shop! Wish I lived close by to shop with them.
Mary Alice

Donna said...

Beautiful shop with gorgeous items! I hope to attend the show this year.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So many beautiful goodies and the painted furniture pieces especially! said...

what a gorgeous collection of things~I especially love the vintage baby clothes and the bridal items!

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