Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Show and Share No.226 and Flora-Bama Jama

This weeks Show and Share party is going to be a little bit different. I just arrived back home last night, from a long weekend at the beach. Since, this trip was all about the Kenny Chesney's Flora-Bama-Jama concert, I thought that I would share with all of y'all, what a beach concert is all about. Now, let me say this right away, I am NOT a big concert gal, but since Mr.CC had a nice big condo that was available for us to use, I said, heck yes, let's go enjoy the music and do some people watching. The concert was being held right out in front of the complex were we stayed, can't get any better than that! The complex is located next door to the world famous...The Flora-Bama Lounge and Package. The Flora-Bama is a world famous honkey tonk, oyster bar, beach bar, that is located on the Alabama/Florida state line. Okay y'all, let's take a look at this fun beach concert!

                                            Welcome y'all!!!

                            As we were enjoying a beautiful Friday
                            afternoon out on the beach, we were all
                            surprised when Kenny came out and started
                            signing for all of us. Now, that's what I call
                                          a pretty good afternoon!

                           How cool, that we were the ones, to see and
                           hear him sign his new song...Flora-Bama, for
                                              the first time !!!!

                                                What a bonus!!!!

                                   Even some boats came by on Friday.

                                              Enjoying a beautiful
                                            day on our white sandy

                                       Mr.CC acting a tad silly!!!

Thanks so much for the surprise concert Kenny!!!!

                                    The sun going down on a fun day.

                            Then the sun coming up on the BIG DAY!!!

                              They all started showing up.

                            Here we are having fun from our
                           balcony...best seats in the house!!!

                           We could have went in, but why do that, when
                            we had comfy seats, bathrooms, ac and all the
                            food and drinks we wanted at our finger tips.

                               Our daughter Haley and SIL Cam enjoyed
                                          the concert with us.

                       We are guessing that there were 300 boats watching
                                      from the gulf of mexico.

                                       We sure enjoyed his first song...
                                       (here I am with my sister Jean)

                                           Ending the show.

Hey y'all, it was one awesome weekend.
Thanks Mr.CC....you are the BEST!!!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fallen Flowers

Hey y'all, I'm happy that you have stopped by today, to see what I am up to. Today, I am sharing my friends booth space...FALLEN FLOWERS with all of you. Last Saturday, the two of us spent some time shuffling things around, and I couldn't wait to share it, here on my blog. If, you like vintage linens, like I do, then you have arrived at linen heaven. She has by far, the best selection of vintage linens in the entire shop, maybe even, the entire city. You can also find some amazing architectural salvage pieces here at Fallen Flowers (I have found a few for myself). Do you like the cottage and farmhouse style? If so, she also carries a wonderful selection of these styles to choose from. So, if you are in the Mobile, Alabama area, stop in at Antiques at the Loop and ask where you can find Fallen Flowers and have fun shopping with my sweet friend.

                                Welcome to FALLEN FLOWERS!!!

                               You will find a great selection of
                                McCoy planters and she carries
                                      them in several colors.

                                   Just look at all these pretties!!!!


                                  I'm crazy about these cute vases,
                                  that she made, aren't they darling?

                                       Charming cottage style table.

                                    Some of her pretty linens.

                                     Can you say...pretty in pink?

                                       Great pink vintage basket.

                              We love our monograms here in the South
                                         and you can find plenty here.

                                Oh my, look at this stunning mirror!!!

                                    Great deal on this huge gold frame...
                                     only $45...I'm sure it will be gone

                                            Awesome old ironwork.

                                          More McCoy!!!


                         She has some awesome items reduced for quick sales,
                                               like this piece.

                                     More beautiful linens.

 Lovin' this farmhouse style table.
She has two of these sweet chairs and
they are on sale!!! 
I would love to have you join me over at

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