Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary Coastal Charm...Year Two

Year two arrived and oh my, what a year it was going to be. A lot of exciting things happened here at Coastal Charm, so let's see what they were.

                                  Welcome to Coastal Charm...Year Two!

                           This guy kept all our football games very exciting
                                             this year...thanks Cam!!

                       The best news was...our daughter Haley got engaged!!!
                                    Celebrating with her and Cam, after
                                           he popped the big question.

                                      Then it was Christmas time.

                               In January, here we are celebrating...

                                this! Yes...our Auburn Tigers won the
                          National Championship game...WAR EAGLE!!

                                         I discovered paint glaze and
                                         fell in love with it! This end
                                            table was my first victim.

                                Pinterest was born and this unique piece
                                    of mine, got pinned like crazy!!!!

                                  Finding a new place in my home for my
                                  great-grandparents window...circa 1920.

                                                 Spring arrived!!!!

                        I was a happy gal when I won one of the first
                             Annie Sloan chalk paint giveaways!!!!!

                                         Then it was WEDDING time!

                                      The BIG DAY was here and I
                                         was one happy MOM!!! 

                                 My girls are not only sisters, but
                                            best friends too!

                                      Welcome to our family Cam!!! see Year here. Year 3-5 will be coming soon!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Anniversary Coastal Charm...Year One

Five years ago I started something kind of random. It was called a BLOG. Did you know what a blog was back in August 2009? I didn't. My daughter Mary Claire introduced me to blogs. She had been following a blog for a few months and one day, she shared it with me. This got me surfing the net for more blogs and after a month or so, I was hooked!!! So, one day out of the blue, I told my husband, hey honey, I think I might just try this blog thing. I had no idea what I was doing (sometimes I still don't), but on August 31, 2009, I hit the publish button and Coastal Charm was born! I am amazed that so many of you have been here with me since the very beginning. I never in a million years, would have ever thought that my blog would be where it is today. I still remember the first time a reader recognized me in public, it was such a big surprise to me. The best thing that I have gained from my blog is, all the friendships that have been formed. Nothing is better than that! Thank you so much to all of you who come back day after day. If it wasn't for y'all, there would be no blog. So, let's do some reflecting and celebrate, the past five years, here at COASTAL CHARM!!

                                Welcome to Coastal Charm in 2009!!
                                 Things have been moved around
                                 a few times...hard to believe, huh?

                            Oh my, I forgot I still have this vintage blouse.

                                    My primitive hutch back in 2009.

                     Here, I posted about our farmhouse table that
                                 Mr.CC built back in 1995.

                                 We both still look a little bit like this.

                                           A storage idea.

                                     My beach Christmas tree.

                                  Some outdoor Christmas d├ęcor.

                        I haven't made this Baked French Toast
                         recipe in years, I kinda forgot about it.

                                   A rare snowfall we had
                                    here on the Alabama
                                            gulf coast.

                                  Enjoying one of my favorite flowers.

                             Hey honey, maybe it's time we install this tile.
                             After all these years, we still have this DIY
                             project on list. Maybe 2014 will be
                                                       the year!!!!

NOTE...check back in this week to see pics from years 2-5.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Show and Share No.227

My goodness y'all, this summer is going by soooo dang fast! It's hard to believe that September is almost here. Does it seem to be going fast for you too? After all the high temps that we had here last week, I will say, I'm really looking forward to Fall and some cooler temps. So now, let's see what you have been up to, during these last days of summer.

Recap from last week...
                             Meet...Toe Mater!!! She is our new family
                                  member at Antiques at the Loop.

                           Just in at the shop, are these darling "cotton"
                           tees. When I saw these at market, I just knew
                           that my customers would love them, and so far,
                                I think I was right on target on these.

Look what caught my eye from last weeks party...
                                         Amy @The Blissful Bee

                          Suzan @Simply Suzan

                                Michele @The Nest at Finch Rest

                                        Julie @Love My Simple Home

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meet "Toe-Mater"

Isn't she the cutest thing ever? Her name is "Toe-Mater" and you can find her at her new home...Antiques at the Loop. I was so excited when the owner of the store purchased her, a few months ago, and couldn't wait to see her featured in the front lobby. Welcome to the family Toe-Mater, we are so happy to have you here with us.

                                  This 1950 beauty, will now greet
                                       you as you enter the store!

                                     Love her fun name!

Here in the South, we love our
cotton, so come on in and
check out these darling
cotton tees.
                                  Darn cute display...don't ya think?

                                  The Park-Hill candles, have some many
                                       wonderful scents to choose from.

                                        She is filled with so many
                                              awesome goodies!

I would love to have you join me over at
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