Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who Knew?

Okay now have I been living under a rock? Who out there knew that IKEA sold live plants? I sure didn't...I did know that they had some really good fakes that they sold at a great price...wasn't clueless to that tad bit of info. As I was looking at some really nice fake plants...I saw these amazing ferns and knew right away that I had to have them with a price tag of only $5.99...two of these babies would be making a trip home with me. The more that I looked at them...I was these are really some awesome FAKE ferns...well I guess they were, because these babies are REAL LIVE ferns that need water and some fertilize every now and then...oh well...they were still making that trip back to the gulf coast with me. You see...I have been wanting some ferns this size for the inside of my nest for some time now and since I just found the perfect pots for them here at IKEA...they were meant to be...don't you think? Now about these pots (what I baskets)...these cuties were just $2.99 and they even have a nice plastic liner...SOLD!!! I'm lovin' them just as they are in white, but who knows I just might get a wild hair and put some glaze on them to give them a little aged touch. Mr.CC was so proud of me...I came out of IKEA spending right under $ that's a first!
                                           Hope you all have a
                                           wonderful weekend,
                                           I know I will because
                                             I'm on my way to
                                           and watch my favorite
                                                 football team!

                                           I'm really liking the look
                                           of having REAL plants
                                               back in my nest!
                                            It's been a few years since
                                            I've had any REAL plants!
                                     Don't you think these are a
                                          great deal for $2.99?

                                   I sure hope I can keep them
My sweet hubs won this
beauty at an office meeting,
thanks honey!!!
                                   This plant had also been on my
                                                  wish list!

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42 comments: said...

Very pretty and yes I knew but I'm an IKEA freak!! Great plants!!!

Ginger Zuck said...

I adore ferns and they look wonderful in your pots. I would have never believed they were so cheap! You done good girl. I lived in Alabama for several years,met my husband there and got married in Montgomery, so I am a Bama girl too! so to speak!

Donna said...

Love the ferns and the little baskets they are in! Beautiful piece and plant your hubby one too!

Donna said...

Oh ... I typed one instead of WON in my comment above ... forgive me!

A Few Pennies said...

Linda; I love live plants--and I'm loving my boston fern right now too--your plants look so pretty in your lovely home. Great pics--but, that fern is my favorite with your apple basket.

Brandi said...

love your plants. your fern looks adorable on your stool.

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

I am LOUSY at keeping plants alive, but I love the look of them in my home. I bought some beautiful succulents in the sring--alas, all but one are not dead (or close to it). I just pro-rate the cost over the months I enjoyed them, and figure it's cheaper than fresh flowers ;-)

Musings From A French Cottage said...

Wow, I love your fern and I love that basket that it's in too. They look great together!

Thank you so much for your kind comment about my chalkboard and yes, if you lived closer to me I would be right over to write on it!!

Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!

God Bless,

Becca said...

Beautiful, and I can't believe the price (wait, actually, I can if it was from IKEA)! Love how you potted the other one in your trophy vase!

Lori said...

I know the live plants always surprise me every time I go. It is like the last area to leave to head to check out and wham! Surprise. Those are great. You just have to a fern or two in any southern home.

Kelley said...

Bromeliads are my DH's favorite. I have succeeded in cultivating their pups, but not to get those to bloom. We love that spurt of color at the top. Should bs able to keep them in your climate. Love greenery!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Linda those ferns are so healthy looking that they look fake! I love ferns and never knew IKEA sold live plants. Cute baskets too and how great that they were already lined. I think this is the first time I've seen your BEAUTIFUL dining room! Enjoy your weekend:) Martina

Gwendolyn said...

Lovely plants. Sadly we have no Ikea here.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I had no idea that IKEA sold live plants. Would you believe that there are 2 stores with-in 25 minutes of my home and I have never, ever gone inside...?

Anita said...

Linda, I love your ferns!! That looks like the kind that won't shed a lot too, which is so nice for inside. I love the baskets!! and $2.99 is great! Now, the wine bucket, I LOVE, and if you can get that plant to bloom again, PLEASE tell me how you do it! I have had a couple of them because I love them but could never get them to bloom again. It certainly is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by:-)

Honey at 2805 said...

Great ferns and baskets! The price is just terrific. Leave it to our Linda to seek out the really nifty, thrifty! Ikea is not anywhere close to me--boo hoo.

Thanks for your receipe!
Thank you for linking to Potpourri Fridy. I really appreciate your participation!

Beach House Living said...

They look great. They have some nice white flower pots I picked up last year.

Pam said...

I never knew they sold live plants either. And those white baskets are adorable.

Melissah said...

Ikea is full of wonderful surprises. I have found some great designer product there ...but without the designer price tag!
Melissah from Coastal Style

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love those ferns! Great price and the baskets are perfect! Now I would love one of those for a fall arrangement. The plant your hubby won is gorgeous! I love Bromeliads!

A Vintage Vine said...

Leaving Ikea, spending less than $50...Can you hear me clapping! I could never do that! I try, but there are just so many things I love there...I think my problem is I store up what I want and do it all at once....That always = more than $50.....Love the plants, nice touch!

Leslie said...

The plants look great!! Ikea is awesome, you just never know what you might find.

Cindy said...

Can you believe this...we have an IKEA in our city and I haven't been yet! Your plantws add such a nice touch!!!

Marla and Steve @ Always Nesting said...

Ikea? Who knew. Love the apple basket and what a steal, I mean deal. Plants really warm up a home and your new babies are lovely.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I did not know that. Of course, I've never been to Ikea. Can you believe that? Just haven't lived near one and never think about it when I'm on trips. I love the plant on your table in that silver urn. Beautiful!

Karena said...

Linda, I also had no idea they sold live plants at IKEA!! You probably already know this about bromeliads, you just water them through the flower top!

Art by Karena

Diann said...

I didn't know they sold plants. Your ferns in the white basket looks great Linda! Thanks for joining TTF and have a fun weekend.

June Scott said...

Good luck with your ferns, Linda! They are one of my favorite plants and the ones you found are beautiful!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I love the ice bucket that you used for the plant in the dining room, very elegant.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Live plants?!?! WHo knew. I'm in Ikea a lot and have not seen them before but I'll be sure to look next time.
Thanks for the tip, jj

Debra from Bungalow said...

Hi Linda,

I try to keep some house plants alive but never have much luck with ferns. I keep them on the patio all Summer and bring them inside in the Fall but end up throwing them away because I can't stand the mess.

I have never been to IKEA but hope to get there soon!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I sure do appreciate it.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

The fern look so healthy and green. And that was a good deal. I figure even if I kill my plants they last a lot longer then cut flowers. I love the bromeliad in the silver bucket!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Great ferns and baskets! No close Ikea around here..:(

Ellen said...

Love the fern and that bromilaid is gorgeous, such pretty colors. I have a couple live plants. They are great for oxyen in the home. Looks like not only did hubby win but so did the wife.

The Girl Creative said...

I wish we had an Ikea nearby. :( Hope you have a great week!

Gail said...

Your plants and the way you have displayed them are gorgeous Linda. I love the fern in the basket!

Have a wonderful day,

Blondie's Journal said...

IKEA never ceases to amaze me. The last time we were there I saw the plants on my way out! And I love ferns!! They are the one plant I don't usually kill!


Babs said...

I must be under that same rock because I didn't know IKEA sold real plants...but then there isn't an IKEA near me. Your ferns are beautiful and so fresh looking. There's nothing like real plants in the house to freshen the air around us. Nice pots, too.

Rettabug said...

I'm giggling at your really good looking *faux* ferns! They're beautiful!

I've heard that ferns don't like to be moved & will drop lots of their leaves when that happens, so don't be surprised, but they do recover. I had one that a neighbor gave us, but I got sick of cleaning up all the brown droppings & pitched it.

We struggle with indoor plants because we go to FL every winter. My DD checks the house but not often enough to water & keep them alive. I took my orchid with me last year, rather than risk losing it.

LOVE the pretty white buckets...great prices, too!


Michelle said...

I love plants inside but I do seem to have a nasty habit of killing them by mistake! That purple plant I had in red it's so gorgeous you don't need a vase of flowers around when you have a plant as pretty as that, don't you think?

gail said...

I knew about Ikea's plants... and I don't even have an Ikea! :) But that's because the two times I've been, I've look at EVERYTHING !!!
all of yours look great!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi linda, I love ferns but they don't like me. They start dying the minute I bring them through the door. The basket planter is cute with the fern and I love the Bromeliad. My dad has these all over his yard in Florida. Thanks for sharing at the Open House party.

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