Friday, April 12, 2013

I Have A Question For Y'all

Hope you have all had a wonderful week, mine has been pretty good. Okay, I know you are all wondering what question I have for y'all today, so here it is. While, I was looking at the links from last weeks Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party, I was so surprise to see how many hits some of you received from my party. The thing that was really surprising was, the LOW number of comments that were left on the post. I have also noticed lately, that I am getting a ton of hits on my posts, but again, LOW number of comments. So, my question is, why are people visiting blogs and not leaving comments? I started my blog 3 1/2 years ago, and I have just started to notice here in blogland that comments are lower than they were a year ago. I know when I visit a blog, that 95% of the time I leave a comment, how about you, do you do the same? If anyone knows why this is happening, please leave me a comment, because I would love to know why this is happening. Thanks y'all!!


Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

I just don't have time to leave many comments. I wish there was a "Like" button or something like that so you could quickly say you enjoyed a post.

Lynda Bergman Decorative Artisan said...

Just so you'll know, I do enjoy reading your blog. Will try to do better with "commenting". Lynda

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
That's a good question you pose. I too have noticed the difference between visits vs comments and wondered what's up ... folks didn't like the content so better to just say nothing, too many sites to visit so not enough time to comment, numerous possible other "reasons". I recently read a statement by a fairly well known blogger that "commenting isn't as cool as it used to be". Sad if that's true. Personally I also try to leave a comment 80% of the time but if I find a site with word verification, admittedly I may visit again but skip the comment unless the post is spectacular! Will be interested to come back and see what others are saying about this. Enjoy your weekend, Robin

Unknown said...

I have been blogging for a year now and I don't have tons of followers or comments! Maybe it's because there are so many out there that mine is not at the top of the food chain!? I follow bunches of people and I always try to leave a comment even it's just Love it or Nice Photos etc. Hope things pick up =)

Laurie said...

I do not have a blog but I have "favorite" blogs that I visit almost everyday, yours being one of them! I have you on my favorites list because I love your ideas and often steal them to use in my own home! LOL! I never leave comments but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy your blog!! Keep the ideas coming, you're fabulous!! :)

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

I hear you! I try to leave comments, but on my ipad for some reason, it messes up. I always mean to go back when I'm on the desktop and leave one. Sometimes my old brain remembers, and sometimes not...
I love comments and will try harder, because I know others do too.

Have a great weekend!

PneumaticAddict said...

I would second the time issue. If you look at several blogs a day especially during a link party, it can take quite a bit of time! It's not a good excuse to not be polite though. I will start being better at it. As for word verification, I took mine off for a few weeks to encourage more comments and the spam was UNREAL! Some of it was so vulgar that I felt ashamed my visitors may had read it before I could have deleted it. And to be honest, it didn't increase my "real" comments, just more junk. So, it's back on now.

Cassie Bustamante said...

i think it is pinterest- people are coming over often from there and then they don't comment. also, i tend to leave comments for people who leave me comments regularly. so i don't always comment, but i do try to comment back when i receive a non-regular comment if that makes sense! :) i also think the market is so much more saturated now and people read more blogs than they did a year ago so less time to comment.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Linda,I agree with Julie, wish there was a like button, I know I'd use it alot, but there are certain people and blogs that I truly love to comment on. I think most of it has to do with the explosion of new blogs. When I started 4 years ago we "knew" each other, commented regularly and emailed back and forth. Now, the number of blogs is impossible to keep up with. Guess it's just a sign of the technological times. I know that if I commented on each blog that I visited I'd be sitting here most of the day. But if I join a party, I make a point to leave a thank you comment. just etiquette, I think.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Linda! I think things have changed dramatically in a year. I've noticed that inverse relationship too between big hits and low comments. Comments are lowest on big party nights. So many posts to visit! It's definitely partly a time thing. Lots of hits are from Pinterest. And there are tons more blogs now! People are doing FB and other less time consuming social media where you can comment with a click. I don't have as much time for returning visits that I once had, and folks will only keep commenting so long without a timely response. I have lately been posting less so that I can keep up more, but I think fewer comments is now the trend. It sure is nice to have feedback tho.

Katie Mansfield said...

I know what you mean. I see other blogs and there are just tons of comments. On my blog, not so much. I appreciate all you do in hosting a party. I try to leave a comment but sometimes I forget. Thanks for all your hard work.

My Repurposed Life said...

comments--a sore subject for me right now. If I leave a comment using my blogger profile, I'm a no-reply comment blogger. Now on wordpress, I'm trying to figure out how to leave comments. :(
I know someone who will LOVE a post, but never leave a comment. I'm not sure why. Generally if I love a post enough to share it or pin it, why NOT leave a comment telling the blogger how much you love it?
People are funny. There is a blog I read that always gets TONS of comments on EVERY post. I've wondered how/why there is such a huge community. How does one do that?
I think with pinterest, we get a lot of extra traffic from people who do not have a profile, and find it too much trouble to leave a comment.
I feel like I'm rattling and not giving you any answers.
Happy Friday Linda! have a great weekend!
gail (no-reply comment blogger)

Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

I know that non-bloggers have a harder time leaving comments, especially if they are trying to leave one anonymously. I honestly don't leave a comment if the post has 20 comments already. Also I prefer to take the time to visit the rest of the blog, not just the post I found. I really like going back into a blog's archives and I would prefer that readers did that on my blog than leave a comment.

Beth said...

It's a time issue for me. :) I hit blogs in what free time I have and it's usually a hit and run. Please don't feel like it's your content. I find your blog awesome! :)

elizabeth said...

Probably lots of reasons, people read in a reader so you have to click over to comment, people read on their mobile phones and it's not as easy to leave one, and, probably the biggest, there's just so many, many blogs out there!
Also, Instagram seems to be the new "thing" where everyone chats and comments.

Bekah Loves Blog said...

I do one of three things if I click on a post:

comment because i like it/ want to thank a host
not comment because the post didn't appeal to me, so why lie?
not comment because I don't feel like I Have something worth saying.

Generally I comment on the majority of posts i choose to click on via link ups!

deb said...

I have noticed that too lately, and wonder whats up.If I read a blog more times than not I comment. I know how much I appreciate comments and figure so do others. We all like to be at least aknowldged that we aren't writing to ourselves! LOL BUT I have been getting spammed to death! I have also noticed alot of bloggers have gone back to word verification and wonder if they are getting spammed too. I STILL leave a comment tho. I haven't gone back to word verification and don't plan to because I know how annoyed one can get when your pressed for time and want to leave a short comment and then try to ''guess'' the verification correctly. I just use the 'approval' method of posting comments. Some days I'm hit so hard and have a ton of spam along with 'valid' comments. It takes time to weed thru and mark the bad from the good as spam in my email box and then go to my blog and do the same.
Wish I had an answer but don't. Everyone is so busy lately also, it seems our lives have become so complicated....speaking just from my experience. I miss joining in, as I used to be able to do, on my fave blog parties due to real life changes. Yours especially ♥
Wishing you many more comments that you so deserve for your lovely blog.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Great question Linda...
I've noticed this also. I try to leave a comment unless the word verification won't go through, then I may have to move on.
--I've also notice these days that visiting and commenting doesn't usually result in a visit back like folks used to do. Now it seems they either reply on their blog below the comment left, send a reply email saying "thanks for visiting", or they just don't visit anymore at all? (without a comment, how would we know they were here?)
Visits and comments make all the heart and time put into each post worth it...let's keep it up. :)

Unknown said...

I hardly get any comments on any of my posts...even when I've had people pin them and have had hundres (sometimes thousands of people read them). I don't know why it is hard to get comments...I think it may be an extension of Pinterest's influence..that people are just getting so used to looking and not on Pinterest.
I appreciate your link party and love your blog. Thank you for starting this little discussion with your post...because it's been on my brain when I write a post, see that it's popular and then have zero or only 1 comment. It's hard to not take that personally- but I think it's just a shift in the way readers are viewing blogs and not interacting necessarily with them the same way anymore.

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

I've been commenting less because I've been reading blogs on Feedly or Bloglovin as I get ready for the transition away from Google Reader. I often read blogs on my phone too, where commenting is just a total pain:)

I try to reach out to my "friends" every week or so with a comment, but I just don't have time to comment on each post, which is both sad for my blog-friends, but good for my real-life-kids who are getting my attention instead!


Nancy said...

I am sure it has a lot to do with the saturation of so many blogs here in blogland. This is my first visit here and I like your blog so will be following. :) I am pretty new to blogging but haven't thought about why people don't comment much. All I know is I only post when I really feel it and trust that the ones it is meant for will eventually be there to read it. :D I did tell my daughter to stop stalking me and comment once in a while though. lol

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

It's the classic, "I thought you knew I loved you - do I have to say it too?" Ha! I think people are just busy, and often don't know what to say. I also have many readers that don't have blogs and find it difficult to leave a note.

Also, I'm getting tired of the word verification on some people's blogs (not yours!) Or if I have to fill out my http// site, it's just trouble.

How spoiled are we in this world? People used to have to walk to town to talk to someone, now pushing a few keys seems like torture to me!


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I never link up to a party without properly thanking the host - and leaveas many comments on those posts I visit whenever I am able.

But as far as heavy hits with no comments? I am afraid it may be bots or services who watch for certain words to pop up or stores personnel who may check will check and re-check when they are mentioned, etc.

I don't think it is a case of the non commenting visits....but that's just my take on it, I could be nuts but something tells me that's the case.

I get huge hits sometimes and almost always low comments whenever I link to a really big party - for example I had 331 views on my Easter tablescape and only 31 comments were left. (But I was happy because 31 comments is major for me.) But what it really means is 300 people looked at that particular post and didn't say anything, no comments were left.

It also could be someone going back again and again to see something they really love: it will count as a visit, but they aren't going to leave a comment every time, that's absurd.

Anyway, take ANY visit as a compliment, and don't do it for comments or you will lose the love of the post - and try to look at the bright side without too much concern.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Our Hopeful Home said...

I wonder myself all the time. I have a blog that gets a decent number of hits per day and has a decent following but I get very few comments. I try to engage the reader but it doesn't seem to matter either way. I do have a core group of "friends" who comment but other than that it's catch as catch can. Then I see a blog that gets tons of comments on each post and it gets very discouraging! If it makes you feel any better I could have posted on this topic and I probably STILL wouldn't have gotten many comments! At least you got a bunch!:)

Grammy Goodwill said...

When I was blogging, it took me awhile to realize that if I commented on a blog, that person usually checked out my blog and left a comment. If I wanted comments, then I had to keep visiting and commenting. That took so much time that I didn't really have so I gave up blogging.
I see you have lots of followers so I wonder if you have too many comments to reciprocate.
Like others said, I don't comment if a few already have or if I can't think of anything to say.
I don't know if this is true but I read once that bloggers didn't like it if all you wrote was "great idea" or something like that. That really inhibited my commenting.
It will be interesting to read the comments on this post for the reasons you get.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I am a new follower to your blog (joined last Tuesday) (and I HOPE I left a comment, LOL).

I have noticed the same thing on my blog. One post I received 112 looks but only 12 comments!!!!!

At one point I figured I'd stop blogging, it takes time, time I could spend doing other things, but I love to blog and I do have a handful of bloggy friends that visit me and I visit them.

Whenever I visit a blog, I do leave a comment, EXCEPT when I get that infernal word verification thing. Most times I can't read it and when I'm on my iPad, forget it, it's difficult to type on that, at least for me it is!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I'm surprised too by the low number of comments... especially on link parties... I'll see hundreds of links at the party, and only a dozen or two of comments. I try to comment when I visit so I don't know what's up? Little Bit

Anonymous said...

I have just began to visit several blogs,your's is one I check regularly, but it is when I am sneaking a little break at work and do not have time to comment. But I will try to do better now that you made me aware that you like and need our feedback. Wish I had time for more DIY projects.

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

It's a time issue for me, too! When I link up to a party, I try to visit as many I can but it's time consuming when I start leaving messages. It's not that I don't like the content. Besides the parties, there are also my favorite blogs that I visit regularly. I asked myself, would a blogger prefer the page visit or the comment. I just assumed they would want the page visit. If I commented on the blogs I visit, it would drastically cut down the amount of visiting I do! By the way, even if I don't leave you a message as often as I should, I do love your blog! No only linking up to the party but your regular content as well!

Laurie said...

I agree with Elizabeth -- it's often that people are reading on mobile phones and tablets now and it's harder to comment from those devices.

Donna Wilkes said...

First, love the discussion and all the opinions so far. That being said, at a linky party I try to visit as many posts as possible. I leave comments on the ones I like and try to write more than a flippant "Cute!" I tend to like posts that actually have a story to tell, not just a photo and five sentences. If I have visited and commented three times to a blog and do not receive an email back, I go and still read, but do not take the time to comment. If a post has numerous comments already, I rarely leave a comment. I like to return visits with visits and comments. This all takes a great deal of time. I am willing to invest the time for the community.

Notions from Nonny said...

Guilty! {blush}
I read my blogs in bloglovin and it isn't easy to leave comments. I wish it was easier.

I have made so many new friends and contacts lately I can't seem to keep up. I need to find balance. :o)

Will try to do better....
Have a wonderful weekend!

Kate @ Eating in the Shower Blog said...

Hi Linda,
I'm glad that you brought it up! I am so new to blogging but I've noticed just what describe. A few of my posts that I've shared receive a large number of views and very few comments.
I would rather that people don't comment if it is not authentic and when I take the time to read through someone's post, I do leave comments unless I really just can't find anything to say!
What you are seeing is most likely the result of more blogs, more people blogging for the wrong reasons, and people being too busy.
One of the reasons I only link up to a handful of link parties is that there is no way I could visit and thoughtfully comment on links from a huge number of parties in a week. No way.
Maybe the traffic that you see that is not resulting in comments could be from bloggers who are spread too thin and trying to link up too many places?
I had one comment on my blog that basically told me not to reply to comments because no one comes back to read them and to visit the person's blog that commented. I knew where she was coming from but that's not who I am. I'm all about reciprocating but I'm not going to ignore a comment or question either with the thinking that it was just put there to get me to visit another site.
I would rather have a small number of genuine comments than a large number of 'comment for the sake of commenting' ones but I can see why it is a frustrating question.
Hope you have a great weekend,

longtodolist said...

Two reasons... I figure you're too busy to read too many comments. Mostly, though, I'm blog hopping and if I stopped to leave comments on each blog I feel like I wouldn't get to visit all my faves in the time I have to be on the computer. Thank you for all you share with us and I will try to remember that you like hearing from us. I'm sure you have lots of stalkers like me!

Kate @ Eating in the Shower Blog said...

Another thought, I read a lot of blogs on BlogLovin and in order to comment you have to leave the app, visit the site itself and comment. (That is what I did to comment here) I imagine that is a bother for others that are reading in a similar way.

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

Thanks for letting us "in" on this, as I think we all share your frustration to some degree. I would say 87% of the time, if I read a post, I leave a comment. It's just polite to do so, because we all need comments. Blogs thrive on interaction from readers. Unless I truly have nothing to say about the post or the word verification is being a pain, I'll forego leaving a comment. Your blog is one I like to read, so keep up the good work.


Judy said...

i'm guilty of visiting blogs and not always leaving comments...sometimes i don't have time, sometimes i just read the blog content and don't feel a comment is warranted...but i agree that comments seem to be "down" lately for lots of folks. we all put a lot of work into posting and it's sure nice to have it noticed and appreciated...i'm trying to be a better blog friend to everyone and leave more comments.

i always appreciate yours linda...thank you!

Unknown said...

It is easier for me to comment if I read the blogs in my sidebar or link to a blog from say, your party. If I read in bloglovin, the daily email or the app on my iphone, I have to click over to the blog to comment, which takes more time and can be slow to load. Because I like to comment as much as I can, I prefer to read from my blog or a party but that isn't always convenient. Does that make sense?

Unknown said...

Hey Mrs. Linda! Just wanted to remind you to come by my blog and link up at my party again! Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh wow where to start, I think there are a number of reasons that comments are down. Time of course is a huge factor. There are just a ton of blogs out there and some people feel the need to post daily. I appreciate my followers and try to follow back, but that means there are often several hundred posts in my google reader. I try to get around and comment as much as possible, but I can't possibly keep up. Sometimes I just have to empty my reader and start over. And then there are all the other forms of social media out there. It gets to be a bit overwhelming. I do visit every single link at my party and try to leave comments for everyone. And I also take into consideration the people with whom I've formed a personal relationship. If someone comments in my blog regularly, I make a point of getting to know them, although I'm sure some people get overlooked. And I also think that people are pinning instead of commenting. Again, there are many reasons for comments being down and I think we're all seeing it!

Sumaya at Evocative Vintage said...

I find that if I visit other blogs and leave a comment I might get a comment back, but its always the same people that returns the favour. Others just respond to my comment, but don't comment back on my post. One person emailed me to get information on which transfer method I find easiest. I responded by giving her info on all the various methods and the one I like best and requested that she like my FB page or follow my blog so that we could keep in touch. She did not honour my request, but instead she asked me to send her a tutorial on how to do the graphite transfer method. I think a lot of people visit blogs for information but won't bother to follow or comment! I try to visit my reading list at least once a month and always leave a comment!

Anne said...

I leave a comment on every blog I visit.But I can't leave a comment on every blog I follow or read all the posts anymore I sadly don't have the time.I do love reading comments and replying back but I am having some issues with my email so I have had emails I sent out that are now coming frustrating!

MaytagNMom said...

Linda, I've noticed that alot since I have been missing from Blogland for the last year- comments are way down :( I might have a post with a hundred views before a comment is made which is odd, at least from my tracking, because I used to average about one comment for every apprx 30 views, more or less.

I try to COMMENT on at least twenty to thirty blogs per large party (like yours, Miss Mustard Seed's etc). Yes, part of my comment is c/p that says who I am, where I am located and something I like to know as a blogger-- WHERE they found my post. So, I'll c/p something like:
"Visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tue @ Linda's Coastal Charm linky party
Suz @MaytagNMom
NW Illinois". Then personalize the top portion of a post that says WHAT I enjoyed about someone's post/project, not just a "form letter". "Liked what you did, good job".

Just my 2 cents worth,
Suzanne in NW IL

Blondie's Journal said...

It was great of you to pose this question and I got a lot of info out of your comments that I never knew. First, I may be naive, but how do you count your hits? I was never good with reading my stats so I have no idea even what a Pageview is. Help!!

I'm from the old school of blogging, if you read a post, leave a comment, someone took the time to write it. I love the people who come regularly to my blog and the new ones are always a thrill, I visit their blogs back or send an email. Do I have tons of time? No more than anyone else, but that's how blogging works.

So it seems all of the interest in the various social medias is taking up too much time and we can just expect less comments. And then there are the people who left you comments that said they just don't always think to or have time to leave comments although they love your blog. Hmmmm...I think it's more fun to be interactive.

One response I really didn't like..."I comment on the people's blogs that come to my blog regularly." Sounds like you would lose followers that way.

Thanks for bringing so much of this to light for us, Linda!


nancygrayce said...

Oh, hold on......I think my comment is the 45th! I never get many comments. Ok I don't have a blog as interesting as yours, but man I think that's a lot of comments! I do notice more people visit than leave comments.

Victoria's Vintage Designs said...

Hi.. I have been reading your blog for a few years now. That being said I just started my own blog. Recently subscribed to yours.. Comments, Not easy... I work full time, paint furniture, post on EBay, ETSY, Craigslist, Furnishly & Facebook. I simply am giving my all to my "online" connections. {which I love by the way!} Just got married {in mid-life}. I feel bad that I cannot comment each day but I simply don't have much time left. I am glad you asked this because it is something that needs to be addressed! Sharing on the link parties is an added bonus... thanks so much for hosting... x o V

Amy Kinser said...

I like leaving comments and like receiving them as well. I think people are in a hurry and just look and move along.

Lori said...

I noticed. I like the Pinterest idea someone stated. Look and move on I guess. I started to take it personaly and then noticed some of the most popular blogs don't get that many either.

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Well Linda, this has been an interesting discussion! I think people are stretched to their limit in trying to keep up with everything. I try to spread the love around as much as possible. I used to always leave a comment when I visited, but I've found myself not leaving as many comments as I'd like. It's just a time issue for myself and probably many others as well.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

There certainly are many varied opinions here which I enjoyed reading. In my opinion too much time on all the "hot" social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram has taken some from blogging.

Also, lots of those hits showing are probably from bots. The bots hit almost instantly everytime you post or even edit something. i see one in my stats called Vampirestat. I did a little research and read a blog that warned not to click on those unknown bot hitters, as their sites are not safe.

Well Linda, thanks for opening your blog to us for our input on this interesting subject! There is lots of food for thought here.

Carly said...

You bring up a good point! It's true I notice the same blog visits to comments! Everyone enjoys reading a comment! Great post! -Life is better with friend- perfectly said!
xoxo Carly

Unknown said...

Hi Linda - I know that for me, I'm following more blogs every week and also joining more parties. I have tried to spread my comments out to different sites each week as there just isn't enough time to get to everyone I'd like to. I also agree that sometimes the word verification keeps me from leaving a comment, especially when I've tried a couple of times and it still says I've typed it in wrong. Another thing that is frustrating are the blogs that want me to type in my full name, website and email before leaving a comment, rather than just accepting my Google account sign in. Hope that helps. Thank you for doing the surveying and I hope you'll follow up and share what you find. Blessings, Patti

Connie@shabbyforsure said...

One of my posts has 2,435 hits and only 6 comments. It's an older post but still a popular one. I try to leave about 10 comments per viewing session and only 2 or 3 people will comment back to me.

Maria Elena said...

Linda, I have noticed the same thing and I thought it was just me, because my blog is still too young or my content was not good enough. I do leave comments in almost every blog I visit. One day last week I must have left over a hundred comments, but did not get any from anybody on my blog, although I saw I have had many visits on that day. Very disappointing. It makes you wonder if may be your blog is not that great after all. You bring up a good point. Maybe it is because people are busy and they don't have time. I don't know, but you are right, life is better with friends. :)

Unknown said...

Hello! I second the iPad issue. When I'm surfing blogs, I'm usually on my iPad after a long day. Even if I want to leave a comment, I spend most of my time yelling at my iPad. It isn't easy to do. :(

Unknown said...

I wanted to add, I use my ipad and 90% of the time, it messes up in the comments and completely locks me out. ;( sadly, that is the reason I leave fewer comments. When I am in a laptop...I comments quite a bit.

Love your blog!

Char @

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I love the end .. Life is better with friends..............glad that your my new friend sister.. HUGS and have a blessed week . I loved this post too ..

Rustique Gal said...

Linda, I've noticed that too, tho with only 75 followers, I can't expect much. I've found that I have less and less time to blog lately, and visiting is down. Maybe I'll get off pinterest earlier and visit more!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Good discussion Linda. I know you leave comments because I love reading them on my blog. I leave comments for all parties I join in with and at least once a week on the blogs I read daily. When I stared blogging it took quite awhile to figure out that writing positive comments was a good ways to meet new online friends. I try for no less than 10 comments daily, to different blogs each day as well as parties.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I've noticed the same thing and just figured it was all about the huge amount of traffic I get from Pinterest. With so many blogs it so hard to keep up with everyone. I love visiting all my favorite blogs, but it's just getting so time consuming to leave a comment everywhere...I try:-)

Unknown said...

I dont actually have my own blog at the moment but, I do follow lots of others and I have also noticed that comments seem to be on the plummet even on really high quality posts.

Word verification is definitely a factor (I dont know if you have it yet because I haven't hit publish). I hate it so much that I have software to read and fill in the CAPTCHAs for me (its called Rumola and you can get it at if youre interested!) and I know lots of other people share my feelings.

If you dont have word verification i dont know what to suggest because this looks like a wonderful blog :)

Jolene said...

I would like to say, I always leave a comment, but sometimes I am reading at work and unable to leave comments. I love it when people comment on my page as well, so I get what you are saying.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Linda,

I am one of those who will read once in a while and not comment very often. I have had a blog up since 2006 and my comments are way, way less now then when I first started, but I am not offended. I just figured most are like me - they are busy, they read, they like it, they comment when they can or they move on and most are on Pinterest. Like Debra Oliver, if commented as often as I would like to, I would never be off my computer. I just always hope that others know that when I post, I am thinking of them when I write. I hope this helps some.

Thanks for asking and sharing,

Jane said...

Hi Linda,
I too see that comments are down but I have to admit that I don't comment as frequently as I used to either. I do think that before Pinterest, people found blogs they liked and bloggers connected by commenting and communicating with each other via their blogs. I think Pinterest changed that.
I do try and comment when I have the does get challenging sometimes!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

I almost think that the "bigger" the blog is, the less likely you are to receive a response to a comment, or to develop any kind of a relationship with the blogger--so why bother commenting? But then that thinking kind of spills over into other blogs. I guess there are a select few bloggers that regularly comment to me, so I try to do the same back, but I would agree that I seem to be less likely to comment as well. If your response back to a thoughtful comment is a mere "Thank you!" I think you get tired of making the effort. Comments are important to me if they have the potential of opening a dialogue and sparking a friendship. And that's a lot of rambling from me ;-)

Art and Sand said...

It has been interesting to read everyone's comment.

I just checked my stats and today's post has had 142 views, but only 18 comments.

I should eliminate the only part, because each of those 18 comments has been really sweet. They have taken time to say something very personal, not just "nice photos". I myself try to write a nice comment and that takes time. So, I don't leave a comment on every blog I read.

Stephanie said...

I just feel like everyone is too busy! It seems that Bloggers are posting less often as well and some have given it up all together. I don't have a Facebook page but the quicker option seems to be winning out!

Amy Allender said...

Thanks for another party! I hope you have a wonderful week.

xo Amy {}

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