Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Seaside Walk

What a perfect afternoon for a seaside walk...the weather could not have been better and best of all...we had our daughter with us. It has been two years since she has been home for the summer, and Mr.CC and I are just tickled to death, to have her home for three months. What started out just as a stroll along the shoreline, ended up being a "driftwood hunt"...oh yes...we found a lot of driftwood. I have so many projects in mind, to use all these pieces with. I wanted to get some pics of my load, but my camera card was full...just my luck! I have a really big piece that we are going back for, so when I get it, I will be sure to get some pics to share with y'all.

                               Here I am, with my first piece!
                         Can you see the rainbow?
                             Here it is again.
                                 One happy DAD!!!

                         I hope these next three months go by really slow.


Serendipity Refined said...

You sound like me! My camera card is perpetually full! My son said "you know mom, you can put them on a CD or, better yet, turn them into prints". It looks like you had a beautiful day. I am picking my oldest son up from college on Friday. I can't wait to have him home! Happy Mother's Day and here's wishing both of us a SLOW summer! xo, Kimberly

Marsha said...

Hey Girl! You need to get that camera ready for some pictures with your daughter--she's lovely!!! I hope this is a slow summer, too. My daughter will be a senior in high school next year.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your daughter is lovely...I hope the time is really special and goes slowly, too! Wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a walk by the sea! It looks lovely there. I hope you have a wonderful three months with your daughter, and I am looking forward to seeing your driftwood projects.

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

Hi Linda,

How sweet to have your daughter home with you. I loved seeing the rainbow. The driftwood does look like a fun project. I've seen beautiful lamps made with it.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That's great, Linda! I'm sure you'll be spoiling her! Of course, when my son comes to visit us now in our new home, I spoil him, but he's only here for about a week. Enjoy the next three months!

Pura Vida said...

Oh so happy for you on your lovely day at the beach!!!

Jamie said...

I have pictures on my camera card from 3 years ago. I am so afraid I will loose them I keep the good ones in multiple places. I just delete off bad ones when I upload.
I so enjoyed your pictures this morning. Been too long since I walked the beach! I just blogged about that earlier this week.

Pamela said...

What a beautiful boring you had with your baby!! i hope it goes by slow for y'all as well! I always love seeing your pictures of our beloved area! It made me tear up. We are counting down the days till we head that way!:) Hopefully one day we will be blessed to have our piece of paradise to share with our family and friends.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

How lovely . . . the surf, the sand, the company! Oh and yes, the driftwood! Wish I was there instead of here in the Midwest! Enjoy!

Donna said...

Lovely pics! Savor all the moments with your daughter :)

Eileen said...

Linda, I Love this post! Gorgeous pics. Love the rainbow on the beach, and your beautiful daughter walking in the sand!! My youngest just got home from college and i am looking forward to our first beach walk too!!
What a wonderful day you guys have had.
Eileen@cottage beach house

farmhouse-story said...

your pics are so beautiful, linda! enjoy that gorgeous beach!

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