Wednesday, June 29, 2016

HGTV Beach Flip

 Did you know that the HGTV "BEACH FLIP" houses are located just a few blocks from my beach home?
Yes, when I go for a walk when I am at my beach home, I pass them. Now, I know you don't know this little secret of mine...I went inside two of the houses while the show was being aired last summer. Comfort Breeze...THE WINNER...was for sale and my sweet realtor took me inside for a tour of it. Keep in mind, the show was being aired and we had no idea who would win the BIG prize. When we where leaving, we saw that the cleaning crew was next door at Southwind and we asked if we could look around...sure come on in. Here is another bit of info, that I can now share with you...Southwind (2nd place) sold before the winner Comfort Breeze did...oh my!!!! Okay, yes I know Lucy (one of the gals that remodeled  Southwind), we are both vendors at "The Market on Chapel Hill" show, that is held every October in Pike Road, Alabama. So, sure I was cheering for Lucy and her partner Daphne to win, but after viewing both homes, I was sure they had this one. They might have came in second place with HGTV, but you see who the buyers liked best. Lucy and Daphne's work was soooooo much better than the work inside Comfort Breeze. I was so surprise to see that after just a few months on the rental market, what this house looked liked. The shiplap was coming off the walls...hardware was missing from was falling apart and the paint job was awful. Southwind was holding up much better and was just all around, a much nicer home. Also, Southwind sold for more than Comfort Breeze that wasn't a surprise to me. Well, let's now look inside my neighbors houses.

                                                          The other two houses were not for sale,
                                                              so I didn't get to go inside of them.

                                                                    Welcome to Comfort Breeze!!!

                                                                        This kitchen table was super
                                                                        cheap looking and not in good
                                                                        shape...wonder what it looks
                                                                                        like now.

                                                       I found this funny...the sun was shinning in
                                                        bright from the the guests used a
                                                        curtain from the laundry area to try and block
                                                                                        it out!

                                                           I will say this...they did a good job in the

                                                                  A wagon wheel at the beach?
                                                                    What were they thinking!!!

                                                                        Let's go upstairs!

                                                      This sliding door was about to fall down.
                                                      I like the look of it, but it wasn't installed

                                                                    The tile in the shower was nice.

                                                                The master bath was very nice.
                                                                            Luv that wall!

                                                            Hardware missing in two places.

                                                            This is the wall where the shiplap
                                                            was coming off (but not right here).

                                                                         Luv the farm sink.

                                                                   Liked the ceiling beams too!

                                                            This is all that the owner left
                                                            on the deck at Southwind. Do
                                                            y'all remember all the great
                                                            things that Lucy and Daphne
                                                            had out there? I will say this,
                                                            the owner of the houses removed
                                                            a lot of the neat items from the
                                                            houses after the show was over.

                                                             Now, let's look inside Southwind.
                                                             I need to tell you this before we go
                                                              in...I was in a hurry because they
                                                              were cleaning it, so I didn't get a lot
                                                              of photos and the ones that I did get,
                                                                        are not that great...sorry!

                                                             I hope you enjoyed my little secret tour
                                                             and I am sorry that it took me so long to
                                                             share it with you (I forgot I haven't already
                                                                          done that...sign of old age).

                                                             Hey y'all...let's stay in touch!!!

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6 comments: said...

Thanks for the peaks Linda! Lucy is a friend of ours too and we were rooting hard for her-that's interesting that the winning house is falling apart, that is awful! I've heard that some of the houses on Love it or List are shoddily done too- so not fair to the buyers! Reality TV is unreal! Have a great 4th!

Anne's Attic - Design said...

Thank you for sharing at SYC! :)Jo

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

How fun Linda! I haven't watched the show. Need to see if I can find it. Would love to see everything they removed. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Creations By Cindy said...

WOW! That is really neat. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

FUN peeks! We drive by often and have wondered what they look like now.

CraftyHope said...

I remember you mentioning that you got a peek in those two houses. I'm so glad you shared the pictures with us. I was a fan of the show too. Though, I have to remind myself that even reality TV isn't real, even if design shows are the only reality tv I watch. Any work completed in that kind of time frame and in that kind of rush would have to suffer in some respects. Thanks for the reminder that attention to detail and taking the time to do your work well is always important.

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