Sunday, March 7, 2010

Target Cakes

Hello ladies...I hope all of you are having a great weekend...March is here and the weather is getting better day by day...this makes me one HAPPY gal. I thought I would let you in on something that I just discovered a few weeks ago...TARGET CAKES! I'm sure I'm the one that has been in the dark on this one, but I thought that just maybe I could let one gal in on my new discovery. A few weeks ago I gave a baby shower for my nephew's wife and I had the idea that I wanted the cake to have the baby's monogram on it...while I was shopping at Target for some home decor (imagine that) the light came on and over to the bakery I went..."can you put a monogram on your cakes?"..." yes we do it all the time" day was made! The cake was a huge hit at the shower...everybody was asking where I got it and they were all very surprise to find out that it came from Target and not from one of our fine bakeries. The really big surprise was finding out how much it cost...only $23.99 for a cake that feeds 20-40 that's a deal! Not only was the cake a great was very tastes just like the ones that I have paid twice that price for. Yesterday I gave another was a bridal shower for a friends daughter...70 people people were invited and we needed a large I knew where to go...TARGET! This size cake was $37.99 and will feed if you are in need of a really scrumptious cake give Target a try...I'm sure glad I did!

Only $37.99 and all I had to do was go by and pick it we all know that I never have a problem going to's one of my all time favorite places!

Three of my favorite mom (she is a real hoot...always keeping me laughing) niece-in-law (luv that title)...and this lady is my BEST FRIEND and also my SISTER!
This is were I'm heading to after a bite of lunch...I just love being here at my beach condo soaking up the views!


Deb said...

The beach looks great! It's rainy and gloomy here in TX today. I heart Target too.

Judi said...

Gosh, our Target does not have a Bakery ??? You sure have been busy with all of these parties!! Looks like they were having a great time. Judi

ejm said...

My Target does not have a bakery! how fun would that be.. Not that I don't need another reason to go to Target. :)

Linda said...

Beautiful cake! I wish our Targets had a bakery...maybe someday.

What a gorgeous beach...I love the ocean, it would be wonderful to have a condo on the coast...enjoy..hugs, Linda

alice said...

Oh Linda! How much room do you have a the condo???? I think lots of us in blog lonad are one our way!heheh! The cakes look devine! Thanks for the heads up!!!!!
smiles, alice

Brenda said...

Well our Targets do not have bakeries here in Michigan. Bummer because it is my favorite place to shop when I drive into the city. I actually was there yesterday and bought this cute Scottie lawn ornament which is actually residing in our family room. The beach is my favorite place to be. We have an abundance of them here. Unfortunately very few months in which to enjoy them.

Anny said...

Pretty sweet, we don't have Target bakeries here in Jersey (at least not at the 4-5 stores I ... err frequent). Those cakes sure are cute though :)

Cake and the beach - its a good time to be you!

Sylvia said...

I guess it's a good think that our Target doenst have a bakery otherwise I'd be there all the time...hahaha....your walks look like they would be very peaceful. I live about 20 minutes away from the beach but never think of walkinig there.

Have a great week,

Blondie's Journal said...


My Target does not have a bakery but it's worth finding one that does. What great prices and the cakes are lovely!! Thanks for the tip. Your family looks so nice!

I read about you joining Weight Watchers. I wish you the best of luck. I am still struggling along and may be joining you. Hooray on the 6 pounds!


KimMalk said...

I like the polka dots on the cake, so fun!

Low Tide High Style said...

What a great idea to monogram the cake! Our Target doesn't have a grocery store, so sadly no bakery! I may have to steal the monogram idea though for a wedding shower that my daughter and I are hosting soon!

Kat :)

Beth said...

Beautiful cakes, love your thrift finds from your more recent post, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the view from your condo - how fortunate you are to have beach front property! Thanks for visiting, Kat and have a great week!

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