Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have fallen in love with a retail this possible? is in my book...there is only one problem here...the nearest store is located 5 hours away...bad for me but gooood for Mr.CC and our checking account! Back in November we went over to Atlanta for some shopping and IKEA was our first stop...I think we spent four hours in this awesome store (warehouse)...we even had lunch there. After drooling over all the gorgeous rooms upstairs, we made it downstairs and started filling up our buggie...I'm a PRO at this task! During November we were in the middle of our kitchen re-model and we were hoping to find some light fixtures here and we fixture for the middle of the for over the sink and some under cabinet lights...we got some outstanding prices and are very pleased with how they look in our new kitchen. During this trip I also bought pillows...steak gadgets...candles and party napkins. Since I had soooo much good luck with my first visit to IKEA, I knew I had to return soon and I did! While in Tampa for the Outback Bowl in December we made a stop at that location...lucky me...the Christmas items were all on SALE...I think I did a happy dance right there in the store...Mr.CC had to calm me down. This time I bought lots of Christmas goodies (sorry...I forgot to take pics before I put them away in the attic...come back in November for viewing)...I also bought my mom some under cabinets lights for her birthday...more candles...more knives and some frames for the hallway. If you have never been to a IKEA store...treat yourself...they have great stuff at LOW prices...just my kind of place!

If you have not entered my CASH HERE to sign up! Also mark your calendars for my first NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY on March 2!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm A Winner!

I have WON my first GIVEAWAY over at LOW TIDE HIGH STYLE! The giveaway was a pair of sea glass earrings...I luv the aqua's one of my favorites! I'm going to a wedding shower tomorrow...maybe I will work my outfit around these little beauties...I just can't wait to show them off and brag a little. Kat purchased these stunning earrings from WHITE FLOWER sure to go by and check out this awesome will be glad you did! Thank you Kat for having such a wonderful sure to hop over to her place and take a look around.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday I announced that I will be hosting a NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY here at COASTAL CHARM...soooo...what better way to kick it off...have a GIVEAWAY! To go along with my party theme...I thought a CASH GIVEAWAY would be a great way to start this PARTY off! WIN some CASH and then go THRIFTING...we all LUV receiving CASH for gifts...right? I guess you all want to know what the PRIZE is...TWO LUCKY WINNERS will each receive $20.00 in CASH!!!!

To enter to WIN
1.FOLLOW COASTAL CHARM and leave a comment telling me you're now a follower! If you're already a follower, don't forget to leave a comment too!

2.BLOG about this GIVEAWAY or add the GIVEAWAY to your SIDEBAR and leave a comment (and a link) telling me you did!

3. BLOG about my new party NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS or add it to your SIDEBAR and leave a comment (and a link) telling me you did!

4. Join me at my first NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY on March 2!

That's a grand total of 4 chances to WIN!

1. Everyone is eligible to enter-no matter where you live!
2. Giveaway ends on Wednesday, March 10 at 10:00 p.m. (central time).
3. Make sure to leave your email address in your comment if it isn't available through your blog or profile! I need to be able to contact you if you WIN!


Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Hosting A Party!
Here at COASTAL CHARM we luv it's time to host a weekly party! Being a SUPER THRIFTY gal...I decided that a THRIFTY party was definitely the type of party for me to be the hostess I'm announcing my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY! My first party will be TUESDAY MARCH 2...I sure hope you will join me for an AWESOME time sharing all our THRIFTY finds! You can post anything that you feel was a THRIFTY deal...items from THRIFT stores...GARAGE SALE items...CONSIGNMENT SHOPS items...deep discounts at your favorite retail store...and ladies even FREE curbside goodies are sooooo much FUN to share...I can't wait to see what all of you have to share on MARCH 2!


Saturday, February 13, 2010


It's going to SNOW here at COASTAL CHARM...1-3 didn't happen! We got rain...sleet...some huge SNOWFLAKES falling off and on during the day on Friday...but not enough to cover the ground...sooooo...if the SNOW doesn't come to you...then you go to it! The SNOW fell really good at my sister's house about an hour away...sooooo off we went for a visit. We had so much FUN making our LITTLE WAR EAGLE SNOWGIRL...luv her rosie lips...don't you? If you read my last post, then you know that my youngest daughter and her friends didn't get to make it down for the BIG MARDI GRAS weekend...KING CAKE is in the freezer and ready for her to take to them later:) They canceled classes at her college on Friday because of the SNOW...soooo...all was not lost...they had an AWESOME day playing in the SNOW and making some wonderful memories!


Posing with my SWEETHEART!
This is how you go sledding on the coast...use a $1.00 float and you have it made!

She got her dad to take her to the golf course for some FUN!

Mr.CC always wanted to be in the WINTER think he has a chance?

My favorite SIS!

They didn't get to make it to MARDI GRAS this weekend...not good! They made the best of it and spent the day off from classes playing in the looks like they had a blast!

What a CUTE couple!

Now that AUBIE...he is one COOL CAT!!!!

I'm going over to join three parties...1. Pamela@From My Front Porch to Yours for a SNOW PARTY.
2.Kathleen @Faded Charm for WHITE WEDNESDAY.
3.Susan@A Southern Daydreamerfor Outdoor Wednesday.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Throw Me Something Mister (and I don't mean a snowball)!

Just let me say this...MARDI GRAS and SNOW is not a good mix! Here at COASTAL CHARM we are having our HUGE MARDI GRAS season and SNOW will be falling right in the middle of that's not COOL! We are expecting a couple of inches of SNOW tonight and tomorrow...SNOW on the GULF COAST? We have not seen this frozen white stuff in years. My baby girl is not very happy about this at all:( For months she has been planning on bringing some of her roommates and sorority sisters home with her for the BIG and SNOW in the deep SOUTH is not a good idea...soooo No MARDI GRAS for these gals in 2010:( The KING CAKE is here and waiting for them...and it looks soooo's a shame that I can't have any of it...I wonder how many WW points are in a slice? I better go for now...need to move in some TROPICAL PLANTS and get ready for the SNOW!

Everybody knows that NEW ORLEANS is known for their fabulous food right? My SWEET sister did it again...she ordered a KING CAKE from a bakery in the BIG EASY for her niece and her that's one SPECIAL AUNT!

Just loaded with lots and lots of SUGAR...with a surprise's a BABY!

Friday night parades are off...maybe we can be doing this on Saturday night!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Green Shabby Cabinet and My Vintage Collection

Today I'm going to share with you my GREEN SHABBY CABINET and some of my favorite VINTAGE goodies. When I went shopping for merchandise for COTTAGE CHARM I would always find some things that I wanted for myself...imagine that! While I was at CANTON (my fav place to buy merchandise for my shop)I found this awesome OLD green cabinet that I just had to buy for myself...thinking about painting it a different color since my kitchen has had a makeover. I have a few pieces of my collection of BLUE RIDGE POTTERY displayed here...I just luv the colors in these pieces. I also have some FAMILY pieces displayed here too...they are my SPECIAL ones...thank you for taking the time to look!

My MIL had a BOATLOAD of awesome kitchen gadgets!


My sweet GRANDMA made sooooo many srumptious SOUTHERN dishes using these PINK mixing bowls!

Come by and join me at SHOW AND TELL@Blue Cricket Design!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day One...A New Me!

Today is day one for me...I went last night and joined WEIGHT WATCHERS! I have been trying to lose some weight on my own and it was just not working for this gal...I needed HELP and I'm hoping that this program will be my answer. Mr.CC and my sister also joined...the three of us are VERY determined to lose the weight for health reasons and of course...we want to look that will be a miracle! The three of us have been working out at our church gym and that has been sooooo incredible...I have really improved a lot since day one at the gym and I hope to keep improving. Mr.CC and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary (can't believe this man has put up with me for 25 years) in July and we are planning a 10-14 day trip to places that we have always wanted to see...more on that to follow. I know I will not be at the same weight (110 lbs.) as I was on our wedding day, but I do want to LOOK and FEEL wonderful for my SWEETIE! I'm very motivated to get my body in shape...not only for myself but also for my AWESOME family. I will be sure to keep you up on how it's going...wish me LUCK...I will sure need it:)

My SWEET sis made me a WEIGHT WATCHERS carrot cake for my birthday...not too bad:)

Not only did she make me a cake...she gave me this beau-ti-ful cake looks outstanding in my new kitchen...thanks sis!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


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The SAINTS are marching home with a HUGE SUPER BOWL WIN...I'm sooooo HAPPY for them...they played an AWESOME game! Mr.CC made seafood gumbo for our SUPER BOWL party and it was soooo good...I guess it's his NEW ORLEANS roots that make him such a incredible cook! My MIL was from NEW ORLEANS and my husband spent almost every weekend of his childhood there with her family...she looooved that city! He has relatives that live there and we are talking about maybe going over (2 hour drive) for the BIG parade on Tuesday...if we go I will be sure to post some pics!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


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News flash...The New Orleans Saints are in the SUPER BOWL...and this gulf coast gal is sooooo excited!!!! As most of you know...I'm a huge college football fan...spend my Fall weekends tailgating with friends and family and watching my AUBURN TIGERS play. College football is by far my favorite sport, but when I do watch a little pro football I follow the SAINTS...they are my favorite team and my favorite NFL player is...Peyton Manning...yes my fav team and my fav player are playing against each other in the SUPER BOWL...sooooo...who do I cheer for? My decision was made really quick...I'm hoping the SAINTS come marching home with a SUPER BOWL WIN!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is She A Keeper?

I have been looking for just the RIGHT lamp to replace the one I have in my foyer...and this is the one that followed me home! I was in HomeGoods with my mother and sister the other day...walked in and the first thing that I spotted was a lamp display...ooooh...sooooo many beauties...but not just the right to the lamp section I go! When I spotted her, I knew she was the one...can't say the same for my mother...our taste is not exactly the same these days. I'm lovin' all my COASTAL decor in my home and this WHITE CORAL lamp was just what I was looking for...I think! Please tell me what you she a keeper?

Here she is!

The price was right!

Lovin' the WHITE CORAL!

Does she need some dressing up on her shade or leave her just as she is?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Romantic Red!

The big ROMANTIC day is almost here...sooooo...I thought I would decorate the foyer in a "LUV" theme. It wasn't hard at all to find some RED decor to use for my see I didn't want to spend any money...sooooo... I went shopping right here at COASTAL CHARM and this is what I came up with.

Mr.Coastal Charm sure did help me out with my "LUV" theme, when he came home with a dozen red roses for my BIRTHDAY (yes...I had a birthday on Saturday).

Red Roses just scream "LUV"!!!!

Do you remember my loot from Michaels? This is one thing that I found that day for only 20 cents!


I'm going to four parties are welcome to come along with's always more FUN with a FRIEND!

First party is at Barb's place!

Second party is at Leah's place!

Third party is at Sue's REDNESDAY!

Fourth party is at Beth's

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