Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Weekend of Garage Sales!

This past weekend the weather was nice and cool...so what does a girl do? She gets up early and hits the road in search of BARGAINS!!!! This Saturday my sis and I headed out early and came home with a car loaded with GOODIES!!! I will only show you just some of our treasures...if I showed you everything...you would need a cup of coffee and 10 minutes to waste to see it all...oh well...I hope you enjoy the pics!
We are still working on our kitchen remodel...counters are in...faucet and sink installed... 80% of the painting is complete...still installing the beadboard...hope to have 90% completed by tomorrow night. You will get a little peek of the kitchen in the pics...I promise I will post the whole kitchen soon!
We are leaving early Thursday for our last home football game of the season...can't wait to get there for two awesome days of tailgating...pep rally...and the GAME!!! We were really lucky with our tickets for this game...we will be seating on the 35 yard line with all the players families...now my oldest daughter is really the lucky one...she will be seating in one of the luxury boxes with all the past players...very well known guys...I will post after the game to tell you who she met with during the game...I'm soooo jealous!!!! WAR EAGLE...BEAT BAMA!!!!

Amaryllis...oh how pretty...only $2.00...I think they will be going in the foyer!!!

Southern Living Home...Estate Trivet Trio $37.95...brand new in the box...$2.00...just what I needed for my new granite counter tops!

FUN Wine Carafe...$3.00!

$6.00 Shelf for my new kitchen!

Vintage"California Pottery" Lazy Susan Set...$1.50

Vintage Picnic Basket...$2.00!

Added it to my collection...I needed another one really bad...this is were I keep my cookbooks and I was running out of space!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Garage Sales...Christmas Style!

It was a beautiful cool Saturday morning and my SWEET HUBBY said that he wanted to go along with me to GARAGE SALES...this was a HUGE SURPRISE...he hasn't been to one in years...so off we went! The first sale I felt like I was shopping at a cute little gift shop...this lady was selling some really nice Christmas items...all of them were brand NEW...some even had the price tags still on them...so what did I do?...I helped her out and bought some of her goodies! Another sale I came across a basket marked 50 cents...it had ladies clothes inside...to my surprise I found two BRAND NEW tops from Coldwater Creek...they still had the price tags attached...$59.00...I sure couldn't pass on these...so $1.00 later they were mine! I'm hoping for great weather this Saturday so I can do some more shopping!
I'm joining Leigh@Tales at Bloggeritaville for THRIFTY THURSDAY...Please come by to see all the awesome bargains!

What a cutie...I LOVE aprons...the price tag was still on it...$14.99...she was mine for $2.00

Oh, I LOVE candles...I always try to buy them 50-75% off...well this little baby was mine for only $1.00!!! It's a POTTERY BARN hand poured 50 hour candle...Winter Woods scent...it smells great!!

This little plate was just too stinkin cute to pass up at $1.00!

This might be a Christmas gift for someone...it's a wine coaster and bottle stopper...brand new from Pier1...add a bottle of wine and wrap her up! It was only $4.00!

For $2.00 I got this pretty lamp...I have seen it in TJMaxx and Stein Mart...I will be looking for a FUN lampshade for it.

I really didn't like how it fit...it was a XL and I wear a Large...so off to the resale shop it goes...WOW...I think I will make some $$$ on this beauty!

Yes...it was $59.00...I wonder how much they can sell it for?

This one is a little big too...I think I will take her to the resale shop too!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

White Wednesday/Made in Occupied Japan

I'm joining in on WHITE WEDNESDAY over at FADED CHARM...please join Kathleen and all the other ladies for a FUN time!

Today I'm a little bit SAD...I have had this beautiful little WHITE antique shelf in my morning room for the past 10 years...and now I'm saying GOODBYE!!! This lovely little gem belonged to my MIL...the finished was not so good...so 10 years ago I painted it WHITE and hung it up to display a collection of occupied in Japan figurines that she had collected. This beauty looked wonderful in my SHABBY CHIC room...the colors were great...now the room is no longer SHABBY CHIC! I hope one day to pass these pretty little figurines on to my daughters...or maybe my grandchildren (I'm really looking forward to being a GiGi one day). I'm hoping to find another home for my shelf...I sure would hate for her to be homeless!
My MIL really had a good eye for beautiful things...Thank You Elvire!
I can just see some of these little cuties in a baby nursery!

I LOVE this cute little dog...don't you?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

This year I wanted my family to do something for children in need...my Mother has been taking part in Operation Christmas Child at her church for the past couple of years...I checked the project out and it was just what I was looking and praying for. The project is part of Samaritan's Purse...founder is Franklin Graham. This is what you do...get a shoe box...pick the sex and age of your child...pray for your child...go shopping and buy items that you feel they would need and also FUN items (remember this is a child). My daughter Haley and I went shopping for our four children and came home with more stuff than we could fit into the boxes! I can say this was by far the best shopping day that I have ever had. We filled our boxes...sent a photo Christmas card of our family with a note to the child...and off they went!!! Next year we plan on doing this again...this time we will be filling up two boxes each. Please check this project out if you are looking for a way to help children hear the word of God...Merry Christmas!

This box is for a girl...age 8-10...here is a list of the items:
Pair of jeans,Hannah Montana boxers, underwear 10 pack, lip gloss, hairbrush,candy,
pens, pencils, toothpaste, toothbrushes, notebook, make-up bag, stickers, bookmark, soap, beanie babies and t-shirt.

This box is for a girl...age 13-14...here is a list of the items:
Dress, boxers, bra, underwear 10 pack, notebook, hairbrush, lip gloss, make-up bag, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, stickers, candy, pens, pencils, hair clips and beanie babies.

This box is for a girl...age 2-4...here is a list of the items:
Pink pants and a matching blouse, pink shorts, denim shorts, three pairs of Disney socks, one pair of Hello Kitty socks, one pair of Santa socks, baby doll, beanie babies, mickey soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Belle bracelet, Disney necklace, stickers, candy and hair clips.

This box is for a boy..age 5-9...here is a list of the items:
A pair of shorts, t-shirt, frisbee, velcro catch game, slinky, harmonica, math cards, pencils, pens, stickers, brush, mirror, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap, bath towel, crayons, coloring book and bubble gum.

This is an awesome way to start off the Christmas season...please spread the word about this amazing project!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kitchen Remodel...Part 1

It's really going to happen...I'm getting new granite counter tops tomorrow morning...yippee!!!! I have been dreaming of new counter tops for years and tomorrow my dream will come true. My counter tops are 23 years old...oh my...way too old! I would have gotten some new ones earlier but we were planning on selling this house and move full time to our house at the beach...plans changed...we sold the house at the beach and now we are living here full time...so new counter tops it is! My sweet sweet hubby has been removing the old counter tops and doing a wonderful job...I might say...we decided to lower the bar to cabinet height to give us more counter space and open up the kitchen a little more...I can't believe how much open it now looks...we both love it. Tomorrow I will have new granite counter tops...new sink...new faucet (I really splurged on this...can't wait to see it in place) so I hope with all my excitement that I will be able to sleep tonight...I probably will have a dream that we are all finished with the entire project...one can dream...can't they? Saturday the paint brushes and rollers come out...painting here we come! We will be painting the kitchen and upper walls in the morning room chocolate brown...anybody have a great chocolate brown color you want to share?...lower half in the morning room will be white beadboard. I sure hope we don't get too busy with the kitchen and forget to watch our big game Saturday night...us forget...not a chance...Go Tigers GO!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Working for FREE!!!

Yes...I'm working for FREE! We own a condo on the beach and a member of our association board ask me if I would re-cover the seat cushions for the chairs in the lobby of our building...sure I don't mind...this way I get to choose the fabric! It always seems like I am finishing a project at the last minute...late Friday afternoon I was at the hubby's office with the staple gun in hand working on the last one...you see I needed to have them in place before our Saturday morning owners meeting...and I did...whew! Now that I have the chairs finished...we have a Hurricane coming toward us...just my luck!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Goodwill Treasures

I was shopping at Big Lots the other day for Christmas decor and Goodwill is right next door...just had to drop in...sooooo glad I did...found these little goodies! I will post later about the cute Christmas trees that I found at Big Lots...they are soooo precious! I will be attending the "Thrift Store Thursday" party with Holly@Homebody...please come by to see every ones thrifty finds.

Love "milk glass"...this vase was only .99 cents...my kind of price!

Only .69 cents for this "H" letter...my daughter Haley is using scrapbook paper and mod podge to cover it...I'm sure it will be so cute in her new room!
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