Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm Getting There!

I'm a tad bit late getting started on my Christmas decorating this year...with the kitchen remodel...out of town for the Thanksgiving Holiday...this girl is just starting to put it in FULL gear! The boxes came down from the attic last night...that's a good step in the right direction. Today I'm going to decorated the outside of the house...we might get some SNOW here on Saturday...yes...SNOW here on the COAST!!! The last time we had SNOW during the Holiday season was about 13 years I better have the outside decorated...gotta get me some SNOW pics with all my CHRISTMAS decor! I have some pics of some new things I got out last night...just getting started...stay tuned...more to come!

I have been looking for just the right BERRY wreath...Sunday I found it!

Right here at Ballard's Backroom...only $18.00!!!

Playing around with my cute little wire them back in October at Big Lots for only $6.00!

New idea...wrap your candles in gift wrap paper and give them a new look! NOTE-don't light them!

Cute little Peppermint Tree...only $8.00!

Love decorating with Ribbon Candy!


  1. Love the candy trees. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get snow.

  2. You just made me so jealous with that photo of the Ballard store...someday I will get a chance to go there...someday. :) CUTE decor! Love your style!

  3. You are NOT late!! Because if you are late, then I am late and I don't want to get STRESSED!!!

    I love your wreath. So this is a Ballard's Outlet? How cool. Great price, too!! It looks like real holly!

    I am picking out my tree tomorrow and Saturday working on that. We have a big open house to go to on Sunday which will leave me next week to play with things. But we are NOT late!!! ;-)


  4. I love the idea for updating the candles with paper. I've got a lot of holiday scrapbook paper I could use. And I love the candy trees! They are very cute!!
    I'll be hoping for a little snow for you!!

  5. Hi Linda,
    Your little candy Christmas trees look so yummy. :-) And what a great idea to give an old candle a new festive look. Will have to try it. Have fun decorating and enjoy the snow on Sat. Wish it would snow here.


  6. What fun Decorating ideas! I just love the ribbon candy tree! Wow, snow at the coast... I bet it's beautiful!... Dee Dee

  7. Love that berry wreath. Blessings!

  8. Don't you feel bad about just getting started. I haven't started the inside yet. The boxes are all out in the basement, but I seem to be spending this week running all over the place for various reasons (none of which are fun), so I'm hoping to get started this weekend.
    I just love that wreath, and......Ballards Backroom?! Oh, what I wouldn't give.....
    Mary Lou

  9. Don't feel so bad. I just got the tree up today, not decorated but up and waiting for me to get some energy. I love what you have done so far, so keep going.

  10. Don't feel bad, I haven't started decorating! Too many Christmas shows are taking all the fun away from decorating my own home. I love the green (kelly green?) and red. My tree will be white with the same green and red. Love it! Rita mammabellarte

  11. So very festive! I haven't even started yet so you are *way* ahead of me!

  12. Your door mat is too cute!! :) I am loving all the colorful decorations you have going on. Thanks for the visit yesterday. :)

  13. I love you color combinations, the green is gorgeous, I can't wait to see your tree.

  14. Good morning Linda! Looks like you've about got your decorations all up. They look wonderful. I love the little candy trees! Hurry up and get your outside decorated, girl - they're promising snow here, too. It's already snowing in the Houston area, so it's coming your way!!!

  15. Linda, You sound like me! If you get snow and I don't I am going to be upset! :) I am north of you in Alabama so it's only fair that I should have snow!
    Your decoraions are lovely! Love the candy trees.

  16. You have some adorable decorations! Have fun putting all your stuff out!

  17. Love your candy tree! You have some adorable decorations to work with.

  18. The candy trees are so cute!! I'm late getting deco's up too. Where does the time go?! Fianlly got the Tree up today. Hoping you get snow!!!

  19. cute! Love that rug at your door...where did you find it? And those peppermint and ribbon candy trees are DIVINE!


  20. Hey, Linda! Looks like you had a lot of fun shopping in ATL! I only hit up Ballards, but I see you went to Ikea. Isn't that place amazing, only been there once?! Love your wreath, I remember seeing that, so pretty.

    I love all your yardsale finds from earlier posts, great deals! And congrats on the new granite. Yours looks SO much like mine that I got back in Spring. Don't you love it?!

    Thanks for coming by & I look forward to seeing everyone's homes for the Christmas tour on the 10th.

  21. Great wreath, Linda. Oh how I'd love to go to the Ballard Store, and your shopping trip to Roswell! I could go crazy in that one store! Hope it snows for you, Have tons of fun with lots of pics!

  22. Don't fret.. I think there are quite a few of us who are still decorating! I keep changing things around until Christmas Eve... Very nice colorful blog...thanks for visiting my blog..

  23. You know I am behind you in decorating! Thanks for stopping by! I want to go back to the Alabama coast for a vacation again. We are going to Florida after Christmas. I see now that the coast would be a bit chilly to visit now!

  24. Linda,
    Thank you for stopping by. Still snowing but not piling up much. Love your blog, I have done some browsing. I'm going to follow so I can see all your treasures you bring home. I visited Savannah with a friend a few years ago. We stayed in Savannah a couple of nights and on Tybee Island a couple. Do you live near there? It has been my absolute favorite trip ever. Well except a couple hubby and I have taken to the U.P. But I only want to go there in the summer. I get enough snow here.

  25. Linda, You've been busy! Love the ribbon candy trees and your new berry wreath. I'm looking for just the right wreath myself. I want to use magnolia leaves, so perhaps I'll put one together.
    Thanks for the visit and kind comments. I'm enjoying your blog as well. Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah


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