Monday, September 28, 2009

The Old Neighborhood

Welcome to Ono Island!
Located on the beautiful Alabama Coast in Orange Beach and situated perfectly to be private yet convenient. This was our OLD neighborhood. We had a second home here for 3 years. We have so many great memories that were spent here on Ono with family and friends! Step on the Island and leave your cares behind. The gentle trade winds sooth and relax and sets your frame of mind to “IT’S 5 O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE!!!”
Approximately 6 miles long and hardly a quarter of a mile wide, it is home to about 1500 residences with plenty of room to still grow. The Island is entirely in Alabama, but it straddles the Florida / Alabama line right where the world famous FLORA-BAMA bar is located. Here are some pics from Ono...hope you ENJOY looking!


This is my fav...always enjoyed riding my bike by and dreaming...sorry you just can't get a good shot of it from the's SOUTHERN LIVING at it's finest!

As you can see...we didn't live like some of our neighbors!


  1. How beautiful....loved seeing all the gorgeous homes (including yours).....great family picture too!!!

  2. I am very familiar with Ono Island and love it!! Such beautiful homes!! I love them ALL!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. Oh how I would love a second home (or a first home!!) here!!

    I can't remember if I've told you yet because I've been telling everybody, lol!! BUT
    I'm having my first giveaway if you're interested:

  4. Oh that very Southern Living one is to DIE for!!! It doesn't get much better than that, and maybe I'd even bring out my bike if I had scenery like that!

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! My family has been to Gulf Shores several times for vacation and have LOVED it!!! It's become one of our all-time favorite places!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's so much fun to meet people from all over the place that have the same interests you do. :-)


  6. Glad you stopped by my blog for a visit! Love your pictures! We have a home on St. George Island in Florida and it sounds very much like your Island! I love going down (from Monroe, Georgia ~ outside of Atlanta) and enjoying the fresh air! We also have a wonderful bike path that I enjoy riding on!

  7. Hello
    Thank you for stopping by today.
    Your post is so lovely, the homes are gorgeous not to mention the beaches and water...pure heaven.

  8. Hi Linda! As beautiful as those homes are we honestly will pick yours, no doubt (much more our style!!!) That looks like a gorgeous place to have a 1st, a 2nd home...or any kind of home, really! Thank you so much for your lovely visit today, we hope you'll keep showing up! Enjoy the beach!!!
    Marcela & Clara

  9. Those homes are just lovely! What beautiful scenery. Your home is more my speed, I think it looks so relaxing there on your porch. Great family pic!
    Thanks for the visit too!

  10. Wow! Thanks for the tour! Beautiful homes! I think the temp here increased 10 degrees (mentally) - much needed since it's going down into the 30s! Thank you for sharing! :)


  11. Hi Linda, I loved looking back thru your blog. Your home and island life are so lovely. I'm a midwesterner, and have been to the beach only a few times. Your daughters are just darling girls, their dresses and photos were just precious! Thanks for coming by today, glad to get to know you!

  12. Linda..

    Thanks for posting and visiting my when new peeps come in for a visit! Now I must say.. wow. Now this is southern living at it's finest. The sun, the breeze, the quaint town and the perfect location.

    Our daughter resides on the coast of NC.. just as happy as she could ever be!

  13. I love this posting. Being from the coast of NC, I miss the water and the blue sky reflecting in the water and the smell of the salt in the air and the smell of frying seafood. Thanks for taking me back.

  14. It looks gorgeous there~ and WARM! And I agree with you on it being true Southern Living~ any one of these pictures could be in their magazine! :)

    I hope you are doing well, and that you had a good weekend! :)

  15. Makes me want to go to Alabama, it's beautiful ! Thanks for stopping by !


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