Monday, September 21, 2009

Fringe Benefits

I have two parsons chairs in my bedroom that have slipcovers on them...they have been in need of some fringe or ribbon on the bottom so the legs of the chairs would not show...well I finally covered up those ugly legs. I found some fringe at Tuesday Morning...paid $5.99 for three yards...what a deal...I think I will be going back for more.I purchased these chairs a couple of years ago at a local furniture store at a really deep discount(wish I could remember what the price was but old age has taken care of that), purchased the slipcovers at Target for $10.00 each and now spent $6.00 for some fringe...and now my sitting area is complete.

Before the fringe

I wasn't kidding...what an UGLY leg!

Great stuff!


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  1. Don't you just love simple fixes like that?
    Easy to do, but still looks terrific!
    Great scores, by the way.

  2. What a difference the fringe has made. And~no sewing!! Can't beat that.

    Parsons chairs are really back in vogue don't you think? And I love the retro 60's fabric I have been seeing!!

    Great post, Linda! By the way, I sent you an email.


  3. What a huge difference. Not only did it hide the leg, but they look like a million bucks! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Hope to talk to you again soon!

  4. Great Project! The chairs are lovely..

    Thanks for joining my blog--I look forward to keeping up with you as well!

  5. I have to check out the Fabri-Tac! So cute!
    And I love the addition- perfect-o! I need to get to our Tuesday Morning more. We have one right across the street, but they have those odd open days, you know? I think I've been there more when they have been closed than open! ha!!
    So excited to meet you!

  6. That fringe was the icing on the cake. A small fix that made a huge impact! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following...I'll do the same! Look forward to checking in on more of your projects.

  7. Hello
    Thank you for stopping by is so nice to meet you.
    Your chairs look wonderful and you are right the fringe looks great.
    Hope you have a lovely day

  8. Well, I'm so glad to have found you! I didn't know Tuesday Morning had fringe. And it's one of my regular haunts. Maybe it just depends on the store and what they happen to get in. But it looks stunning on your project! Adds just the right embellishment to go from plain to glam! And I love what you added it with. I'm remembering that one!

  9. Oh, I love it! Your parsons chairs look wonderful with the brown fringe you added to them! I have never heard of fabric tac before; is it essentially like glue? That is something to file away for future projects...I LOVE the color of aqua you chose for your round table, too! Together with the brown, your sitting area looks perfect!

    I am so happy you stopped by to say hello! It's so nice to meet you, and I am definitely following your blog! I look forward to reading more! :) I hope you have a great day!

  10. What a {beautiful} and cozy spot you have there! I am loving the colors. Good work!

  11. Oh yes, they look even more gorgeous with the addition of the trim!

  12. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by and checking out my frames. If you ever decide to add to your collection let me know!lol...I love the fringe you added to your chairs, it really gives them that finishing touch! Have a good one, Kristen

  13. I'm in love with Fabri-Tac! Isn't it the best? Your chairs look great. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.


  14. I love the addition of fringe. Finishes off your chairs. ... you obviously don't have a cat .... I can't even THINK fringe!

  15. Wow, what a difference. I love fringe and these chairs look fabulous.


  16. Isn't it amazing what fringe can do. They look great !

  17. I love the fringe - what a nice addition AND a nice little cover-up!

  18. Oo La La, Linda, what a great solution. I've purchased trim at TM before - you cannot beat their prices. Thanks so much for linking, dear friend.

  19. Wow...that was a simple fix and it makes such a difference. Thanks so much for sharing with us on Fun Fabric Thursdays.


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